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Congratulations, you have come to the right place for your residential or commercial Site Plan.
R. L. Galloway Surveying prepares a multitude of Site Plans in Hampton roads every year and we are very familiar with the local codes and requirements.  Hopefully we can make this a seemless and maybe even an enjoyable process.  

If you are planning to build a home in Virginia, you will need a site plan.  If you plan on adding anything to your property... be it an addition, a pool, a fence or garage, you will need a site plan.  A site plan is a comprehensive survey that should: 

a)  Clearly define the property
b)  Show the existing improvements on your property
c)  Show any proposed improvements
d)  Define the square footage that is disturbed
e)  Address any local ordinance as it pertains to the CBPA (Chesapeake Bay Protection Area)

     In recent years laws governing the amount of allowable area that can be disturbed within a CBPA area have changed.  There are more strict regulations that control the square footage of area that can be disturbed and the appropriate mitigation.

  As your Surveyor, we can provide you with the necessary site plan to obtain your building permit and layout your house on your property for you so that you can build with confidence knowing you won't be forced to move your house later due to an encroachment.  We can also provide you with a final as-built or physical survey to satisfy your lending company's requirements and allow you to have a final drawing that accurately depicts your new home.  If you are in need of a site plan, please contact R. L. Galloway Surveying today.  In most cases, we can get a site plan to you within two to three days.

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