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Property Line Surveys

R. L. Galloway Surveying 
Accurate, affordable and dependable property line surveys.

Quality And Reliability That You Need, Accuracy You Can Trust at an Affordable fee.

If you are in need of a property line survey look no further than R. L. Galloway Surveying.
Whether you are considering
purchasing a home,  installing a fence, pool, home addition or shed you need to know the limits of your property. A well marked property survey prevents boundary problems from occurring and gives you peace of mind about your biggest investment…your home.  If your property lies in a wooded area it is imperative that you know where your boundary lines are.

Whatever your reason is to survey your land, R. L. Galloway Surveying is the team to choose.

Before hiring a land surveyor to perform your residential property line land survey, here are some important points to remember:

  • Is the surveyor registered and in good standing with the State Board of Registered Land Surveyors? Did you know that it is illegal to perform a land survey "on the side". A survey must be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed land survey professional. Just "finding the pins" is not a land survey.
  • Does the surveyor have professional liability insurance to cover you in case of error?
  • Is the surveyor able to give you the quality service you deserve?
  • Will they perform the survey when promised?
  • Will there be any hidden costs?
  • Do they have the staff qualified to perform an accurate survey?
  • Are they willing to stand behind you and their work?

With R. L. Galloway Surveying you can rest assured with the services we provide. We are here to serve you and help you through the residential land survey process.


 R. L. Galloway Surveying is the best surveying firm that I have worked with as an engineer or developer. Everyone on their team is experienced at their job and professional in their work. As an engineer you can count on the crews and draftspersons to be diligent in their work. As an engineer, I am most impressed by the entire teams thoroughness. From the survey supervisor to the crew chief, if they have any questions or see anything in the field that just does not look correct they will call to get their questions answered. As an owner or developer, this survey firm is another set of eyes on your project looking out for your interest. MFH

 R. L. Galloway Land Surveying has always provided a great product and consistently outperforms their competition. This firm is by far the leading land surveying company in the Virginia market. I would highly recommend R. L. Galloway Land Surveying (& have) to my clients and colleagues. MW

 Rob. I wanted to let you know that the crew that came out to the house this morning did a great job! My wife met them and told me they were some of the most polite, professional people she has had the pleasure of working with.  I appreciate the work you did, the timeliness and the professionalism that your crew showed at my home. CR


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